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At the concert of the Fourth London Mandolin Festival 2012

The 6th London Mandolin Orchestra
Festival concert
Sunday 11th May 2014

Conducted by
Steve Smith
Lead Soloist
Anna Langley
The next festival concert will celebrate the role of the British Banjo Mandolin and Guitar Federation Rally in the musical life of the London Mandolin Orchestra's players. The concert programme will feature works performed by the orchestra and by its participants - whether as soloists, small groups or ensembles - in the contests of the next British BMG Federation Rally, which takes place in Bristol from 14-16 March 2014.
There have been seventy British BMG Federation Rallies since the first one took place in 1929. It was an annual event until 2004, apart from the years 1939 to 1945, 1947, 1971 and 1984 when no Rally took place. Since 2004 it has been a biannual feature of the musical calendar for players in the London Mandolin Orchestra, which also hosted the 70th Rally in 2012. The Rally enables players from all over the UK and beyond to get together for workshops, contests and music making. If you would like to learn more about the Rally, or are interested in taking part in it, please visit:
Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to play in the London Mandolin Orchestra this year. We welcome all players of mandolin, octave mandola, mandocello, classical guitar and bass at any level. You do not need to have played in an orchestra before. Many of us had never done so before we joined and we do all we can to help less experienced players take part. Players do need to be able to read music in notation rather than tab.
You do not have to be based in London to be a player in the London Mandolin Orchestra. Many of us travel in from outside London to take part - some from as far afield as Cornwall, Bristol, Oxford and Cambridge. We'd be delighted to welcome any players based in Europe who would like to hop across the Channel to play with us!
We hope the audience at the 6th London Mandolin Festival Concert enjoys our musical celebration of the 71st British BMG Federation Rally and its long history of inspiring players to develop their knowledge and performance of music for plucked strings.
For further information about joining the orchestra please click here for our contact details.
You can keep up to date with rehearsal and concert news from the London Mandolin Orchestra via our Facebook page:
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BMG Federation Newsletter's review, by Chris Porter, of the London Mandolin Orchestra's 2012 Festival Concert
'This was a wonderfully entertaining concert from an orchestra that will go from strength to strength, and is a tribute to the commitment of all concerned'
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Danza Cubana at the 2010
London Mandolin Festival